CrewMember Spotlights

Erin-Jo Luellen, Photographer

Erin-Jo Luellen’s fate as a military spouse was sealed at an early age, but she wouldn’t know it for many years to come. She and her husband met in Maine, when both of them were in the 5th grade! They didn’t begin dating until 2002, and then married in 2007. She and her husband moved … Read more Erin-Jo Luellen, Photographer

Bonnie Thurmond, The Embroidery Shoppe

Resiliency is the capacity to recover quickly from difficult situations. It’s a characteristic that serves military spouses well, including Bonnie of the Embroidery Shoppe.  Bonnie was introduced to her husband, a U.S. Airman, nearly 20 years ago while he was still at the United States Air Force Academy. Now they have 4 children between the … Read more Bonnie Thurmond, The Embroidery Shoppe

Meghann Wilson, Suburban ReStyle

Meghann Wilson has had an interest in home decor and restyling for as long as she can remember. Of course, like so many military spouses, the journey to opening Suburban Re-Style, or even joining the military life, had some other adventures along the way! Originally from Ohio, Meghann moved to Missouri to attend Evangel University, … Read more Meghann Wilson, Suburban ReStyle

Emily Mobley, Gray Nutrition

When it comes to nutrition and eating right, Emily, a registered dietitian, believes there is no black and white. Every person has their own relationship with food, making it difficult to find a sustainable, one-size-fits-all fad diet. She helps people find a viable meal plan in the gray area, unique to each person. Read more Emily Mobley, Gray Nutrition

Lindsey O’Donnell

Lindsey O’Donnell didn’t set out to have her own sewing business. In fact, she’s a licensed therapist, who was also a teacher, and now does part-time subbing. However, being a Coast Guard spouse means growing and adjusting through multiple evolutions. Anyone who has had to transfer a professional license from state to state knows it’s … Read more Lindsey O’Donnell

Matt Geer, Harvest Rock Advisors

For Matt Geer, it’s always been about helping people. It’s the reason he was drawn to the Coast Guard’s mission. It’s the reason he has become a civic leader, and is so involved with his community. It’s also why he started his financial advising firm. It wasn’t a direct route to get to where he … Read more Matt Geer, Harvest Rock Advisors

Kristen Trexler

Kristen Trexler, an “Army brat” turned Coast Guard spouse, has been moving her entire life. She can claim changing location eight times in eight years – a major feat for even the most seasoned military family. Kristen feels like she’s from nowhere and everywhere at the same time. Each new community becomes a home to … Read more Kristen Trexler

Raquel M., Fenestronic Studios

A native Puerto Rican, Raquel met her husband, a Coast Guard helicopter pilot, while both of them were living in Miami, FL. As many military spouses have found, her marriage meant several moves over the course of their 12 years together. Raquel’s primary profession is as an actress, which meant facing a variety of opportunities, … Read more Raquel M., Fenestronic Studios