Kristen Trexler

Kristen Trexler, an “Army brat” turned Coast Guard spouse, has been moving her entire life. She can claim changing location eight times in eight years – a major feat for even the most seasoned military family. Kristen feels like she’s from nowhere and everywhere at the same time.

Each new community becomes a home to Kristen. She finds jobs where she can -a phlebotomist, a pediatric nurse, a nutrition counselor, a physical fitness instructor (to name a few) – all related to her degree in exercise science, her medical background, and her passion for serving people.

While Kristen and her family enjoy the adventures, there have been a few complications along the way, both professionally (keeping current with references and qualifications in each state), and personally (growing her family). With that, Kristen needed something to occupy her mental space. She had always been a hands-on, motivated person. So Kristen taught herself to sew, and sewing became her therapy. 

Kristen would sit, sew and make gifts for people. Every season and duty station had a different niche and opened up more opportunities to grow her art. She made bedding, curtains, costumes, aprons, and super-hero capes. 

Friends began asking whether Kristen could help add striping or sew a patch onto a uniform, particularly dress uniforms. Those needed special attention to detail when it came to alterations, buttons, and hemming, and local seamstresses didn’t always know how to do it. Kristen was particularly good at it, but also added a personal touch. Her skill, flexible work hours, and willingness to come to people’s homes, led to an overwhelming demand. She started Sew-Called Therapy; aptly named for the remedy it was providing to her and other women.

Soon, sewing began to serve another purpose for Kristen and her community. Women were asking for lessons, and Kristen started teaching classes to individuals, groups, and even kids. Kristen provided the material kits with zippers, buttons and stuffing, and taught different techniques. Ladies would bring their sewing machines, sometimes taking it out of the box for the very first time, and Kristen would start them on simple projects. Women were meeting women and strengthening relationships between mothers, daughters, sisters and friends.