Emily Mobley, Gray Nutrition


When it comes to nutrition and eating right, Emily Mobley, a registered dietitian, believes there is no black and white. Every person has their own relationship with food, making it difficult to find a sustainable, one-size-fits-all fad diet. She helps people find a viable meal plan in the gray area, unique to each person. 

It made sense for Emily, who has always been into fitness and health, to find her passion with nutrition. After beginning her career as a dietitian at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital, Emily moved to Colorado to take a job at Denver Children’s Outpatient Clinic. She worked with kids diagnosed with chronic diseases, and a variety of dietary needs. Some were tube- fed or had developmental delays, others had food allergies or were extremely picky eaters. Emily helped parents navigate the obstacles with food, ensuring nutritional needs were met.

While in Colorado, Emily met her husband who was stationed there with the Army. She didn’t know it then, but Emily’s professional course was about to take several detours as they moved 4 times in 5 years, to Georgia, Tennessee, Massachusetts, and now Alexandria, Virginia. It was getting harder for her to imagine her future while continually applying for new jobs and licenses. She didn’t want to have to keep recreating her career. 

It was after they made their third move to Tennessee that Emily had an epiphany about starting her own business. Emily found a fitness center that needed a dietitian, and rented a room, quickly finding demand and building a client base. Emily witnessed how extreme diet regimens, immediate fixes that didn’t work in the long term, were negatively impacting people. 

Moving away from those extremes to find a happier place in the middle is the inspiration for the name Gray Nutrition. There are a variety of wellness packages that account for lifestyles, activity levels, work schedules, food preferences, and include grocery lists, app support, educational resources, meal plans, and daily support.

The attention and support Emily gives each person can’t be replicated. She gets to know each client and their goals with a free discovery call, and her limited client list allows her to create a very personalized program. She challenges beliefs her clients have held their whole lives , and transforms their relationship with food. The outcome is they never have to spend money on another diet ever again.