Our Story

LineCrew was co-founded by military families for military families. 

With a combined 48 years of active duty service, we know what service means. We understand the sacrifices our service men and women, and their families, make in support of our nation.

Military families move. They crisscross the nation and the world. The businesses started in one home may not easily transfer to a new home.

LineCrew was born after repeatedly witnessing talented and hard-working military families reestablishing themselves with each move. LineCrew provides support to our nation’s active duty, guard, reserves, retired, and veteran service members and their dependents. We help grow their businesses and build financial stability.  

What’s in a name?

The name “LineCrew” holds a lot of meaning for us. In our line of work, the line crew is the team of troops that pulls the aircraft out of the hangar to park it on the aircraft line, fuels it, and ensures it is sound and ready for operations. When the aircraft lands after the mission, the line crew gets back to work spotting, fueling, and taking care of any and all maintenance required. What’s more, the line crew members will then go out as the air crew conducting the missions the next time the aircraft launches. In short, the line crew can do anything, and do a little of everything. There are no limits for them – they are the heart and muscle that keep our operations moving. 

You are LineCrew. You are the team that can do anything, have the potential to travel across the world to defend our nation, and then come back and continue to serve your community. You put up and feed countless troops in your house for a week with less than 12-hours’ notice, and still get the kids to school and sports on time, help with homework and hold down a job. You have no limits. Let’s show the world!