How LineCrew Works

Our mission is to connect our nation’s service members and their dependents to business opportunities regardless of where they are stationed. We understand you can’t always take your clients and customers with you to your next duty station. By building a professional, ratings-based reputation on LineCrew, you can advertise your business using your ratings from previous locations wherever you go. Your marketing profile goes with you to use anywhere! Looking to start your first business? Start by marketing it here as well!

How it Works
As a CrewMember, you will get your own marketing page with dashboard, ability to view and respond to reviews, an inbox to receive and review your new and existing work requests, search for other CrewMembers, and the control to manage and update your profile as needed.

Your marketing power is totally free. There is no cost to sign up and get your name out there! Your site will be visible 24 hours a day to anyone, Customers or even other CrewMembers, that are looking for the services you provide.

When you receive a new work request in your inbox, if you choose to view the request, you will be prompted to cash in a “Credit” to open the request. The rest of your interactions with that customer for that job will not require further Credits. You will start with 10 free Credits upon registering for a new account, and will be able to purchase more right from within your dashboard!

So what are you waiting for? Let’s get started marketing your business!

Coming Soon!
LineCrew is currently in the final stages of developing our platform that provides military spouses, dependents, and service members the ability to market both their new and existing businesses.
We plan on going live with full site functionally during summer 2020.

While we are in the final development stage of LineCrew’s site, we encourage you to:

  • Complete the registration on LineCrew’s CrewMember page.
  • Like us on FaceBook, Instagram and Twitter. Share with your family and friends the exciting opportunities to grow your business using LineCrew

3-2-1 – Launch! 

When the full site goes live in early 2020:

  • You will receive notification of your CrewMember status with log-in information.
  • Create your official LineCrew business profile page highlighting the skills and service(s) you are offering (sample below).
  • Customers will log into LineCrew and look you up or search for your services! You’re hired!

“I am a military spouse and a professional photographer. I’m so excited to finally have a chance to grow my business from where I left off at our last location instead of starting over!”
-Susan L., Texas

Become a

CrewMembers can customize their LineCrew profiles with photographs and a description of their business

Build your
client base

Clients can search for a CrewMember based on location & project type. Their reviews & ratings help you build your business’ reputation

Bring your business
with you

Now re-locating does not mean starting over!  Your established business reputation can go with you anywhere in the world.